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Our online 3-Day Learn to Meditate Courses are hosted on the third weekend of every month, our 2020 calendar is; October 16 - 18 | November 20 - 22 

Your investment

$299 for the 3-Day Learn to Meditate Course.
Small group, online and easy to learn courses taught on Zoom in 3-consecutive days | approx. 75 mins each.

The 1 Giant Mind Being Technique

What you will experience is an easy to learn technique that allows you to minimise stress and operate at optimal levels. This meditation technique is simple, effortless and helps us to meet life's demands with focus, clarity and ultimately more joy and peace.

Practicing this effortless meditation will support you in recovering from stress, fatigue and burnout and ultimately help you create the life of your dreams with more joy and a lot of more love.
Love, is our natural state.
Yet when we are unaware of our natural state, we easily ignore our body signalling for help. This places unhealthy stress on ourselves as we drain our resources and wonder why we no longer have the capabilities to meet with life's demands. It's in this state that we begin to feel overwhelm.
There is a different way to show up for your life.
Learning this effortless meditation teaches you a powerful, effective and easy technique that you will be able to practice on your own. A practice that is so generous that will loving create and to protect the time you set to self-practice, thereby establishing a daily habit.


Session 1
Introduction to Meditation.
Learn about the mechanics of stress and how it impacts our thoughts/emotions/behaviours.
Learn the meditation technique that reduces stress/fatigue.
Meditate together.
How to integrate a self-practice to your daily routine.

Session 2
At-home practice + a review of your technique.
Meditate together as a group.
Refining your at home meditation experience.
Self-practice at home.

Session 3
Review of your self-practice.
Meditate together as a group.
Group discussion on the importance of self-awareness and cultivating more love in our lives.
Final at-home meditation challenge, creating a meditation habit so the full benefit of this powerful practice can be realised in your life.
Learning to meditate with a teacher offers you the best opportunity to create a daily self-practice that will continue to gift you insights as your meditation deepens.

Our 1 Giant Mind Learn to Meditate courses are delivered by Claudia, a registered and experienced teacher. These courses are taught online, live and limited to 6 people in each course. Individuals, couples, and teams are welcome.

Upon completion you will be invited to join a closed online circle for a shared monthly mediation with me. In this private group you can have your questions answered and gain some extra insights about your meditation practice.


Let us share with you a skill that will last you a lifetime.


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