My name is Claudia, I'm a fierce lover of life - just like you

I am also the creative force that breathed life into Precious Breath SUP Yoga and the dynamic woman who has allowed the vision of the business + life I had created to transform to suit the changing landscape of my journey. 
Welcome to Precious Breath Lifestyle 
I was born in Perth, Western Australia to migrant Italians and grew up in a community where high emotions, social entertaining, cultural traditions and loads of food played a pivotal role in helping me understand my place in the world. Prior to living a wellness lifestyle, I lived on fast paced commotion, lots of espressos and loads of pasta.
My body developed Rheumatoid Arthritis at the age of 22. The following 5 years were ones of lots of trial and error as I worked with various doctors trialing different medications to suppress the arthritis into remission and reduce the chance of joint deformity. I suffered body shame, anger / guilt issues, depression and ultimately withdrawal from the life I had once known.
In an attempt to reconcile some type of healthy relationship with my body, I turned to therapies such as yoga, kinesiology, various diets, positive thinking & affirmation techniques. 
For over two decades I have researched various anti-inflammatory lifestyle practices, gut supportive foods and conscious living using myself as an experiment for trialing new methodologies.
The name Precious Breath emerged from my passion for paying attention to subtle details of our life and integrating this healing wisdom into my way of living. 
From breath synchronised yoga shapes on the surface of liquid, to outdoor yoga immersives, breath meditations + awareness techniques to seasonal living - I discovered how to tap into the power of alignment and manifestation.
It was an epic 7 years of my life that I guided water based yoga experiences between the east and west coast of Australia while becoming the first registered Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Yoga Teacher Trainer Perth, WA with my own SUP Yoga School.
During this time I've recreated my relationship with identity during female life transitions using the lessons I'd gained from harmonising my body and breath with the changing landscape around me. 
To this day I remain just as passionate about being present for the subtleties of life as I was when I first commenced Precious Breath, it is this presence that has blessed me with the grace to pivot when life invites me to.
Supporting women to consciously navigate their life's journey with that same grace and ease is my Dharma, and believe it is a skill we can all cultivate.