The Essential Connections Workshop

A sacred space to deepen your connection, trust and joy through partner yoga play + plant based support.

You’re invited to join a 2hr journey through the heart into the soul of being present with one another. Participate with your beloved or your best mate - it doesn't matter who you are connecting with, so long as you arrive with an open mind and a willing heart.

Led by husband and wife team, Matt Worley and Claudia Scalisi who’ll be sharing with you ways in which they supported their long-distance relationship including daily self-care rituals, play + living with yogic principles of surrender, trust and present moment awareness.

Commencing with a heart centred cacao ceremony coupled with plant based essences to powerfully anchor our intentions - which is to introduce to you the power of touch & the cultivation of sacred space within your daily life.

Remember, all human interactions develop from the relationship we have with ourselves first. It’s from this solid platform that we can begin to build upon our relating with others.

Bring your favourite human and enjoy being guided through breath meditations, accessible partner yoga play, therapeutic flying + an introduction to Zen Thai Shiatsu!

This workshop is perfect for those that are ready to deepen their relationships and for couples that want to expand their connection. Prepare to elevate your senses to whole new level...

As you learn how to hold space for one another, you'll begin to uncover your own techniques to help you learn how to read your partners energy with your eyes, your touch and with your heart.

Be present. It's powerful