Practices, are not static things we do and accomplish. They are a way for us to evolve and live in flow, a way of Be-ing in the world that is responsive to life...

Lifestyle practices.

Where get to consciously choose 'how' we show up in the world and how we hold space for others.

The capacity to 'hold space' for others is a gift to our humanity, especially when we as a worldwide collective are living through such global transitions.

Holding Space means we practice not taking offence from others. We practice being less reactive or closed to people and situations around us, instead we practice being more responsive, open and curious.

Practices mean we don't expect perfection, instead we choose to pay attention to the subtle hints from life where we can shed some of our light of awareness and adopt a new course.

This is living in a state of flow, or a Flow State.

Whether meditation speaks to you, perhaps it's restorative yoga or playful water-based unions...seasonal living or working with plants, we understand that we are all energy, and to the degree that we can be adaptable, flexible in mind, body, Spirit, so too can we evolve our relationship with all things.

Here we practice taking fuel from the seasonal foods we eat, the visual imagery we see, the receptors one our skin and feelings inside our body.

This entire way Be-ing in the world is a practice of living in harmony with our environment, just as a our ancestors way before we were led to believe that we didn't know the answers to the questions we have about how to live a more fulfilling life.

There are practices in being still; so our body can release a lifetime of stress-debt.

Practices in moving; so our organs of respiration and filtration can expand and receive, so the body can flush any residual energy from our system and we can experience the Union of breath, mind, body.

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