Meditation; the path that can set you free

For many of us, the word Meditation may evoke images of sitting crossed legged for long periods of time followed by feelings of anxiety at not being able to focus that long. This inner story usually ends with us thinking that meditation is just too hard, if this has been your story, you may find some ease in our 3-Day Learn to Meditate Course

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You might find it comforting to know that there are many activities that can help us bring deep awareness to day like exercise, jogging, surfing or taking the dog for a walk could all be a form of meditation. While for some, a mindful yoga practice or creative expressions such as writing, painting, dancing or playing music might be it for others.

All of these techniques involve some deliberate mental process to affect the mind and body into more expanded states of awareness, within the state of an expanded awareness we experience a greater connection to the present moment.

The meditation technique we offer has its roots in a more traditional technique that is practiced sitting comfortably in a chair or on the floor, with the eyes open or closed in a quiet space to facilitate a deeper experience of ones self. The style of meditation technique we teach is 1 Giant Mind and of all the styles of meditation we've learnt over our combined 15years of teaching, this style has had the most profound affect on our lives.

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The 1 Giant Mind Being Technique is accessible, easy to learn and can be put to practical use for modern Westerners giving us access to the part of our nervous system that activates the para-sympathetic system, otherwise known as the relaxation response.

Try to think of meditation as a form of brain training. We practice so we can stay engaged in the present, responsive to each moment instead of being caught in a reactive, involuntary, fear-based state.

When we are experiencing the relaxation response, our body begins to recover from stress and fatigue, our breathing becomes deeper, richer and our senses relax.

Our connection with life expands and we are able to sustain better relationships in our lives as the one we have with ourselves grows.

Learning how to not only recognise when we are out of balance but having the capabilities to decisively act and bring ourselves back to equilibrium creates a ripple effect touching the lives of everyone we come into contact with.

With this depth of awareness we are able to give others our full presence; capable of listening to them and truly allowing them to feel and heard which is a gift in and of itself.

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