Claudia has a very intimate and personal feel to her classes. She is very open about her experiences and makes you feel very safe to share and express yourself freely. I would recommend Claudia for any of the courses I have been fortunate enough to experience with her. She has a gentle, caring approach and is very accessible to her students. The support that she provides both during and after means that her teachings will become a long term way of living, rather than just a 3 day experience you may not continue with.
Meghan Craig

Claudia shines when teaching her 3-Day Learn to Meditate course and is easy to listen to and follow. I have felt more calmer since.
Jodie Grzeschka

“Originally I didn’t think meditation was for me but being able to talk to Claudia directly about what I was feeling during the meditation was really helpful – the learning to meditate made me realise the importance of finding time for myself.”
Marieka Rendall

“I attended Claudia’s 3 day meditation training for 1GiantMind & she provided the gentle encouragement & explained the ethos behind the mantra based practice to help me understand why I needed to include this in my daily practice. On the first session, I went deep in the meditation and on the subsequent days, I had challenges with the monkey mind however Claudia helped me to take the internal pressure off to get it right!
Claudia has a gentle, heartfelt way in connecting with others & allows for her students sense of curiosity to bloom during sessions, she is able to hold space for others that is nurturing and service orientated.
I am now in my first week of my daily practice, which has become a non-negotiable in my daily life and I can still hear her voice saying ‘be gentle with yourself.”
Maresa Walsh

“Claudia gives with all of her heart. She’s so very knowledgeable and who will go the extra yard to get results.”
Annie Whitehead

“Claudia challenges me to think about what I want out of life. There’s no small talk with her, we talk about real stuff what I want to be and see but at the same time she makes it so comforting. She’s completely open, shares her vulnerabilities and she celebrates her strengths and makes me feel comfortable to do the same.”
Johonna Murphy

“Claudia makes people feel welcome & relaxed; but she also encourages me to push my boundaries in a non-confrontational way, she also has this ability to make friends and bring people together.”
Mintie Dec

“Claudia is an influencer of the heart. She charges women to rise with her and claim that power with such love, respect and absolute belief.”
Deb Husbands

 “Claudia is above all else empathetic, kind and generous. I’ve known her since early 2010 and she’s always been genuine, passionate and caring with an infectious personality. People are drawn to her as she evokes trust and a deep connection.”
Livy Swann

 “A lot of people have inspirations, hopes & dreams that they don’t follow, Claudia is not one of those people. She has a unique ability to always be inspired to grow, evolve & discover what could be, what’s next. She inspires & motivates others to be true to themselves & discover their own unique abilities, passions, growth & purpose. I believe she can change people’s lives, as she’s changed mine.”
Sarah Urbani

“Claudia biggest gift is her warmth and ability to make everyone feel included, important and cared about. I admire her courage to live a full and authentic life and her ability to integrate and be accepting of all health and wellness options, including traditional and complementary therapies.”
Julie Adams

“Claudia brings happiness. She’s patient and caring and has the ability to lift people’s spirits and lighten their loads, she’s done this with me and for others as well.”
Cathy Cameron