We are so proud to have partnered with a company such as dōTERRA and represent them as Wellness Advocates!

Aligning our heart-centered brand with a dōTERRA was an easy choice, we knew we could continue to grow in consciousness with them, we are aligned with our global vision of being of service to others, bringing a new level to our quality of health and increasing in our community development. It felt like a tall order however when we were introduced to dōTERRA we just knew that we'd called in the right partner.

For myself and my family, these high vibration, CPTG (Certified, Pure, Therapeutic Grade) essential oils have been rocking our world ever since we brought them into our lives.

They've enabled us to work towards reducing our home's toxic load (bye bye harsh chemical cleaners and hello to organic and fresh, natural plant essences) whilst also improving our quality of wellbeing. They've enhanced the food we've been lovingly learning to make with them and these beautiful oils have been helping me personally create a safe-haven inside my body through the practice of adorning my skin through daily Abhyanga self massage.

We've been feeling the benefits these stunning essential oils are having in our lives so much that I felt called to step into the role of a Wellness Advocate and introduced them into my teaching and share with our community.